4 Sustainable Fashion Brands Perfect for the Nomadic Traveler

From effortless maxi dresses that seem to fly in the wind to bags that store the keepsakes you collect whenever your free spirit wanders, these are the 4 sustainable fashion brands perfect for the nomadic traveler.

PHOTO CREDIT: Mara Hoffman – Spring RTW 2018

Mara Hoffman ($$-$$$)

Mara Hoffman’s collections are nothing short of elegant and have the ability to be seamlessly dressed up or down. The brand approaches sustainability through a vertically integrated process by sourcing organic fabrics and working with factories that ensure safe working conditions. However Mara Hoffman does more than just say that they’re sustainable; the integrity of their clothes are validated as ethical by their partner, the Sustainable Apparel Coalition.

PHOTO CREDIT: A Perfect Nomad: Syros Dress

A Perfect Nomad ($$$)

A Perfect Nomad is a luxury resort wear brand inspired by the lifestyle of the bohemian traveller and the places she visits. Dramatic silhouettes, breezy fabrics, and earthy tones are trademark to the brand and guaranteed to turn heads all over the world. A Perfect Nomad sources only GOTS (Global Organic Trading Standard) certified fabrics such as organic silk and manufactures their collections through artisan based communities.

PHOTO CREDIT: Woven Folk – Collection Preview

Woven Folk ($$)

Strictly online, Woven Folk features a curation of vintage and handmade bags, clothes, and home-wear. Each product on Woven Folk is carefully selected, with an individual story behind it and ready to be up-cycled into a new chapter. The consciously driven brand is also available to peruse and purchase on Etsy.

PHOTO CREDIT: A.Au – Zaina Dress

A.au ($$-$$$)

Fueled by the passion to empower women by encouraging them to embrace their culture, A.Au is a small batch atelier crafted lifestyle brand founded by the infamous content creator and storyteller Asiyami Gold. ‘Beautiful’ is an understatement when describing the ethereal collections vibrant in color and luxurious in feel. Each garment is handcrafted in Nigeria with 10% of every sale donated to fund an education bursary for the Abua youth.

Climate change makes the weather unpredictable. Prepare your wardrobe in layers. Now that you have insight on the latest brands perfect for tropical holidays it’s time that you familiarize yourself with 5 Ethical Fashion Brands Perfect for Wardrobe Essentials.

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