Reformation’s Tech Savvy Stores in SF Up the Retail Game

Founded in 2009 by Yael Aflalo, Reformation is an L.A. based womenswear brand that is environmentally conscious and sustainably driven. Recently, Reformation has taken America by storm, with over 10 tech savvy retail locations on the West Coast and East Coast, including 2 brick-and-mortars in San Francisco. It was only appropriate that Aflalo introduce the latest in-store technology in the heart of Silicon Valley.

Reformation Tech Savvy Stores

Reformation’s first store in the Bay Area is nestled in the Mission District, on Valencia Street and the second located on Fillmore.

What makes Reformation’s stores so unique isn’t just the chic minimal aesthetic but rather the interactive digital dressing room technology that allows customers to have an immersive shopping experience – in the most efficient way possible.

During our visit to their store in the Mission District on Valencia, we were able to browse through the ethically made clothes, pick the items that interested us, and set up a dressing room via the screens set up across the store.

When you enter the dressing room not only are the clothes hung up and available in the size and style you selected, but lighting is customizable to your liking, and an aux cord is available to plug in your phone and play music of your choice.

Overall, the retail experience that Reformation provides is easy, fun, and innovative. The shopping experience was worthwhile and definitely stands out in comparison to more traditional stores. With fashion companies struggling to garner in traffic in the dying age of retail, Reformation makes casual strides.

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