These 3 Organizations are Revolutionizing the Fashion Industry

From ground-breaking social justice campaigns to implementing environmental standards, these 3 Sustainable Fashion Organizations are paving the way for ethical practices in the Fashion Industry.

PHOTO CREDIT: Fashion Revolution

Fashion Revolution

Founded in 2013 after the Rana Plaza incident, Fashion Revolution is an U.K. NGO that has gathered industry leaders and creatives to encourage transparency in supply chains and ethical sourcing.

Every year, Fashion Revolution hosts a Fashion Revolution Week during the month of April that includes a #whomademyclothes campaign challenging retailers to reveal their sourcing strategies and encourage transparency.


Sustainable Apparel Coalition

The Sustainable Apparel Coalition (SAC) is a San Francisco based organization that consists of over 220 Institutions participating in their developed HIGG Index, “a standardized value chain measurement suite” that “measures environmental and social labor impacts across the value chain”.

PHOTO CREDIT: Clean Clothes Campaign

Clean Clothes Campaign

Founded in 1989, the Clean Clothes Campaign is a global alliance “dedicated to improving working conditions and empowering workers in the global garment and sportswear industries”. For over a decade the Clean Clothes Campaign has unified Trade Unions and NGO to fight for labor rights.

If you feel passionate about making a difference, one upcoming event is Fashion Revolution Week, occurring from April 22 – April 29, 2019 celebrating the anniversary of the 1,138 victims killed at the Rana Plaza Incident. For more information visit

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